Fort Vancouver Little League parents. I will attempt to update this page as I get more information.

Letter from Washington State District Administrators
This is a letter from the District Administrators talking about Little League and the suspension of Little League activities until at least 5/11.

Keeping Children Active


Letter form regarding temporary suspension of activities.


This is a letter I recieved from the Fort Vancouver Little League president.

Fort Vancouver L.L. is going along with this recommendation to suspend all operations until at least April 6. This means as of tomorrow all activities with your team are suspended. Practice, meetings etc. And our district administrator has told us to suspend. With something coming from both Little League and our DA we would be in deep s--- if something happened and it was found out that we shouldn’t be playing ball.

I will update this page along with shutterfly as soon as I get any more information.

Team name/logo.
We will be the Vancouver Lake Monsters. Our logo will be based off of Vermont Lake Monsters.

Shuttefly links:

Shutterfly sites for iPhone

Shutterfly sites for android

Mariners tickets! (Assuming the games are not cancelled due to coronavirus).

There are 3 games that we (little league) gets a discounted rate on.
Sun May 3rd, 1:10 PM against the Houston Astros.
Sun May 17th 1:10 PM against Detroit Tigers.
Sun May 31st 1:10 PM against Atlanta Braves.

Our price for these games is $10 per person. The player and family gets to go under the stadium and then out onto the field from right field, walk the entire perimeter of the field and back out. Normally there are players in the field warming up and in the dug out. Some even will sign items for you so take something to sign and a sharpie! The seats are the best in the world but for $10, there are great! Highly recommended if you can do it.
I need to turn in the number of tickets along with the money is April 24th, May 7th and May 21st. Again, this is if the MLB is still having games due to the coronavirus.

I should have the game schedule by late next week. I do not know if the coronavirus will affect this timing.

Pictures are April 11th. I do not know the time as of yet. It will be dependant of the game schedule. We normally play this day also.

We will play at 4 fields this year.
Our home field.
1301 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98663

900 N Garrison Rd, Vancouver, WA 98664

6201, 6211 NE Campus Dr, Vancouver, WA 98661

Evergreen (weekends only)
10910 NE 172nd Ave, Brush Prairie, WA 98606

As of now, there is still a field work party the next two Saturdays from 9AM - Noon. (home field)

We will need to have volunteers for concessions for 3-4 days. This needs to be filled by two parents (or teens) at a time. You will NOT be preparing food. Only taking orders, getting candy, soda, water.... This is required. I dont know the schedule for this yet. Once we get the schedules, I will be told our days.


We (7-8 yr old teams) are not technically required to umpire other games but, if you think your child will play in the future, it is highly recommended that you volunteer to umpire games. It is a fun way to be on the field and experience it form a different view point. You will not umpire, your child but another team.
If you are interested in umpiring, there is a required meeting Sunday April 5th 3:00 - 4:30 PM at our home field. The contact is Jame Barber (lead umpire).

If you know how to keep a baseball scorebook and can make it to most games, I would be very grateful to have you keep our scorebook so we can focus on coaching. If you are interested but dont know how to keep the scorebook, contact me and we can set up a training. I would really really apprecaite this.

I will repeat a thank you for having your child on my team. I truely love being with kids and playing baseball. When I heard that we are suspending our practices, I was very bummed out but safety comes first. I dont want any of the kids (or parents) to get sick from playing a game.

If you have questions about anything or need any help on the shutterfly site, let me know.

Update 3-1-2020

I am very excited to have your child on our team. Our first practice will be Monday, March 9th at 5PM at Lincoln. Our practices after that will be on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30.

We will use "Shutterfly Share Sites" for our calendar and notifications. Please visit that link and can confirm you can see the contents like the schedule. It is also a mobile app that is available for android and iPhone. If you not log in, let me know and I will get you in. It is possible that I entered your email incorrectly.

Shutterfly sites for iPhone

Shutterfly sites for android

A little about me.
This will be my fourth year coaching my son, Rielyn. My main goal will be for the kids to have fun, make friends and learn some baseball skills. If they are having fun, they will pick up the skills. This will be my second year coaching with Dustin Pratt. I think we are a good team together. I will be lucky enough to also have my nephew, Dylan Rankin coaching with us. Dylan has coached soccer in the past. My wife Lori, is the sponsor of our team. I really appreciate that she has done this every year.

Helmets will be supplied by Fort Vancouver Little League. If your child has a helmet that fits and has no damage, they are free to use it. Ther can not be any modification to a helmet at all. Even applying stickers makes them illegal to use. Last year a game was halted until all stickers were removed. Fort Vancouver Little League and the umpires take safety very seriously.

Similar to helmets, a bat will be supplied by Fort Vancouver Little League. If your player has a bat, it MUST have the "USA baseball" sticker on it.

Your player will need to have a glove. A catchers glove will be supplied by Fort Vancouer Little League.

I suggest having a ball to practice with at home but that is optional. If you need a ball or 2, let me know.

Once we pick a team name, shirts and hats will be supplied by Fort Vancouver Little League. You are responsible for pants, a belt and shoes. Cleats are optional. They are great for slick dirt or grass but I also realise that kids feet grow so fast, they may only fit for a season, maybe 2.

Coaches info. Mike Gascon 360.606.6019
Dustin Pratt
Dylan Rankin Players (and parents) Link Coaches link