Lincoln Wood Crafters


Lets talk raised dog bowls.

I am hopeful this site gets improved but right now, I would rather focus on woodwork instead of a pretty website.

The first thing to do is decide on size. Currently I only have one size so that step is easy. The bowls hold 52.41 Fluid ounces. That equals 6.5 cups. For reference, we feed our great pyrenees one bowl per day. She is a light eater for such a large dog though. I do have some larger bowls on order that should arrive soon.

The measurements of the feeder are all approx. 24 inches wide, 12 inches tall and 12 deep.

The next step is engraving. Do you want it? I can do engraving of any English letter. They are all upper case. I engrave this on a 1x6 and cut it into the shape of a bone.

The next step is stain color. The current options are, none, burnt, light (gunstock) and dark, (espresso). I will hopefully ad another light as the gunstock has a hint of red to it.

Pricing. Regular size feeder and bowls = $60. Custom engraving on a dogbone shape piece of wood, $20.
Once I get the XL bowls in, those will be approx $80 for feeder and bowls and $20 for custom engraving.

The best way to reach me is email. I can be reached on messenger but I prefer email.